Welcome Dipreca protection and ordered to provide coverage for nursing home care 24 hours

The Supreme Court accepted the appeal for protection filed against Health Fund Dipreca by the decline in coverage of home nursing technicians benefits.

In a unanimous decision on the Role cause 16668-2017, the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court , He established the arbitrariness of the decision of the health institution.

The statement said, Likewise, that "appears not contested by the parties that the benefit of home health services, concerning the nursing service technicians higher level (TENS) It has been awarded to the appellant shifts 24 hours the 7 weekdays at least from the 09 July 2016 by the Health Fund Dipreca, and only date 27 last January and, citing economic reasons amendment is intended as to the extent thereof ".

The resolution added that "what has been done attended by the respondent for a period of ten months, that his chance was justified by the merit of the report from the doctor treating the applicant which belongs to the institution- who estimated from available its execution, now appears as arbitrary that amendment, decreasing the available time which corresponds give the patient care technicians nursing home, without a medical basis to endorse the decrease in the provision by reference in order to establish that such a reduction will not affect the health or life of señora Silva ".

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