Anti-discrimination law

What legal proceedings prescribed by law against arbitrary discrimination? The law creates the action of arbitrary discrimination. They may submit directly affected by an act or omission that amount arbitrary discrimination before the judge letters home or to that of the person responsible for such act or omission address. […]

Law on responsible pet ownership

What is meant by pets or pets? They are those pets, whatever their species (not only dogs and cats), which they are held by persons for company or security. Excluding animals whose tenure be regulated by special laws, as the hunting law. What is tenure […]

Duty to indemnify the State as a result of fires

Article 1 of the American Convention on Human Rights provides the basis for personal applicability, spatial and material that international instrument. The general obligations “respect” and “warranty” under that provision , oblige States party, among which is Chile , prevent, investigate and punish any violation […]

They claim that young man was beaten and kidnapped

INSIDE THE DISCO "HANDLES" in Talca Father of the victim, Jaime Bosch Mateu, She filed a complaint to the prosecutor and, along with his lawyer, Matías Pinochet, announced a complaint and demand for moral damages TALCA.- "There was a discussion within the club. There we went to the bathroom with my friend. That came […]