It said Prosecutor available for a judicial agreement

Indicted for contempt without precautionary measures was the prefect of police of Talca. Colonel Eugenio de la Fuente appeared before the court number two room Guarantee in uniform Talca, accompanied by two private defense lawyers . TALCA.- Without precautionary measures restrictive of freedom without making statements to the […]

Grace Salazar spoke on behalf of Chief Police

Attorney prefect of police of Talca rebutted contempt complaint. Grace Salazar denied that Colonel Eugenio de la Fuente has ignored an order from the Court of Guarantee of Talca after refusing to hand over a detainee to the PDI. TALCA.- In an unprecedented situation in the criminal procedure reform […]

Check lacks enforceable if warranty

In accordance with the provisions of Article 10 Act Bank Current Accounts and Cheques, the check is a written order and rotated against a bank to pay this presentation, all or part of the funds that the drawer can have current account, and meanwhile, […]

The Law of Simplicity

Low profile and a foolproof modesty, the prominent lawyer talquino, Francisco Pinochet, It is shown as a staunch lover of our city, it belongs from its deepest roots. With a sense of helping other surprises, this man kind and cordial gesture, with effort and dedication […]