• Pleas
  • Litigation
  • Referee
  • Contracts
  • Companies
  • Banks
  • Financial
  • Scams
  • Bankruptcy
  • Judicial Collections
  • Electrica law
  • Water Act
  • Criminal trials, Business, Taxation, Labor and Transit.
  • Trials and administrative procedures
  • Urban Law and changes in land use.
  • Trial and mining claims
  • Judgments and requests for trademarks and intellectual property.
  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Public Procurement Law
  • Transparency Act



Litigation is definitely the stage where conflicts and disputes are resolved, which it is the most important performance of law regarding oral defense or written in the first aspect and second instance as well on appeal to the E. Supreme Court and is where the skills and knowledge are tested to exacting and distinguished judges and lawyers defending other parts.


Pinochet & Cia is available to all of you who require timely legal service or continuous in time extensive experience in developing external processes of law, for both individuals, SMEs and large companies.


The vast litigation experience allows us to make decisions on its own initiative on any matter of business always driving a priori the effects associated pre and post court sitación instance which greatly facilitates the stage of negotiations and certainly more important, decisions of the same company in question.